Clarity is an illusion!


Often meditation is sold as many attractive hooks to attract people into it but truth be told, as you journey into mindfulness you start to see through the fallacy of the concept of clarity! Firstly a concept is an illusion and such an illusion seems clear till your asleep I.e as long as your not mindful of thoughts!

Clarity is also a concept and appears to be a word of substance to those who take the thoughts to be reality until they start waking up to their own higher reality through the meditative awareness!

In fact a sign of progress towards embracing truth is when you find that concepts don’t offer a sense of reality to you anymore then your on the path! A lot of people think of becoming powerful attracting lots of money and being good but meditation and its sacredness is much more than all that.

It is to awaken from sleep and break free from the illusion!

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