Are you flowing with life or resisting it with plans????

Plans are based on unresolved memories although it is not easily apparent, for someone who scrutinises the mind carefully you will know all your plans are about running away from fear and chasing pleasure! Seems logical and correct to many but from the point of view of neutralising fears and letting go of addiction to pleasure you need to stay still and trust that life has a plan that is going to free you from this illusion and there can’t be a better plan!

Think about this….something caused an event to happen and even that previous event was caused by something and that one again and so on! When you don’t really know where things are showing up from how can you plan?

Only someone with the ability to know the cause and the future can plan! Be That Person and Don’t be this reactive planner!

Your Mindset Coach


Get into the Flow Of Life rather trying to make life flow your way! the river of life takes you to your classes and classrooms wherever they are and your job is that of a student! Imbibe not the surface or appearance of what you see but the private, personalised lessons for you that can be learnt by being in the now wherever you are!

Life has already got a plan for you! The key is at every moment to be aware of what is going on in your mind! That will take care that you don’t stray away from life’s plan for you!

Planning is the ego ways of running away from painful memories and chasing pleasurable memories and following that will keep you stuck in the wheel of life rebirth and death! Be equanimous to pain and pleasure for only then will the exit route from this cycle…

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