Have you really woken up or are you slowly waking up?

Wisdom of discrimination between truth, relatively real ( appearance)!

An interesting and practical way of understanding an illusion is to look at a scenario like watching a movie in a cinema hall!

While its relatively more true that your watching a movie, your only seeing it on a screen, it is not a real stuff, something happening on a screen and note that it does influence your physical body mentally and emotionally. So the not real movie has some connection to your body (they share a common nature)!


In just the same way the body which we identify as us and the world are one and part of a movie of which you are the witness and not the movie!
When your aware of this higher witness intuitively, you awaken into it and you then know the cosmos drama is also a movie on the screen that has no reality just like the movie you watch in a theatre!

Wake up and set yourself free through knowledge of your higher self!

That which is permanent is true and for that it must be free of any kind of change!

That which changes ” Appears real” until your wisdom is sharp enough to catch it’s changing nature!


email: mohan.sundaram.73@gmail.com
Twitter : @mohansundaram73
Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

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