Mind can be conquered through love


Acting on thoughts leads to consequences and depending on how you acted you might have unsettled the memories that played as thoughts or you could have healed them if your actions were driven by love instead of reacting the same habitual way!


Essentially, your sub conscious mind is a store house of ancient memories and they speak as thoughts not for you to react but to let go I.e watch without reacting! Most often people avoid watching and are driven by unconsciously reacting to the memories as plans and a workaholic life neglecting the purpose! These thoughts ( memories) instead of being set free,  are trapped and sink deeper into your sub conscious when you keep yourself busy and don’t pay attention to setting them free!

Like a child that wants the attention of the parent does mischief, so too since you refuse to pay attention to the mind it talks to you as the people you meet in every situation, your experiences etc and poses obstacles that make you look within and unplug from your reactive nature!

Once you start watching thoughts and start cleaning up the sub conscious it also becomes your friend and stops being an obstacle! It points and tells you and shows you what you have to let go of in meditation and that’s when you progress fast!

Win over your mind. Don’t isolate it!

email: mohan.sundaram.73@gmail.com
Twitter : @mohansundaram73
Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

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