Have you run your mental anti virus scan for today?

Your Mindset Coach


Hey little self,

You already know this stuff but looks like you’ve forgotten it! Your here to love and live happily! Suffering is because your mental software needs an overhaul and clean up of ancient viral programme that you forgot to delete!

Problems, illness, complaints, sadness- are an implication that some viral programme is still playing in your mind and needs to be first scanned with your attention being diverted to your thoughts and feelings and then quarantine those nasty unloving ones and delete them from the mental computer with the delete button ( I love you and thank you) while holding the ATTENTION button (paying attention to those nasty thoughts and feelings)!
when thoughts are neglected they become feelings, emotions and finally lead to diseases that need treatment! prevent disease and save your money for a good cause instead of treatment charges!

Oh and don’t forget to update your…

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