Are apples different from oranges?????????


The reason behind the question is not so much tó answer the question but to draw your attention to analysing relationships and inferring truths from them to expand our understanding of experiences!


Recall such a dream and let’s analyze what gift of wisdom is wrapped in it. Even if you missed the gift earlier you can still claim it now!

For arguments sake let’s call dream experiences as team orange and Truth as Team Apple!

The fact that a dream experience ( lets call it an orange category) trigerrred the body to sweat and made the heart beat fast implies that there is a connection there! The Dream experience made of some illusory stuff derived from memories ( dream stuff) is RELATED to the physical waking body, mind! That’s why the impact! If like apples and oranges they were not related the dream experience can’t impact the body, mind and heart rate! If they are related it implies they are essentially made of the same stuff ( illusory stuff)!

Dreams appear real till you wake up! So too this world we experience of which the body is a part is also made of the same dream stuff! That you can recall and wake up from a dream is because your different from it. your the witness not the experience, your that apple which is unaffected and unrelated to the dream!

Just like night dreams are unreal so is your waking world experience too as illusory as that! That it seems more real is the illusion of time and the subtlety of the ego in the dream state allows you to witness and let go and forget! The gross nature of vibration in waking state slows time down and holds experiences longer giving it  a false sense of reality!

Waking, dream and deep sleep are states of mind (states of illusion)! Your the witness of these dream states!

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