Scrap all agenda and love unconditionally!


As long as you have an agenda you will miss your lesson and fail your class! All you need to pass your class of life is 100% presence in the now! Any agenda derails purity and skews and biases the way you see and what you see!

In fact even good agenda is a waste of time! Everyone you interact with is a god send! Next time you interact with anyone, mentally imagine a mirror in their place and see what the mirror reflects to you in the form of some memory, feeling, conversation, sensations etc and now as you watch them you can delete and transmute those memories into love by saying to yourself:

I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

And when you do that you will see lot of magical things happen!

let’s say you have a client your trying to crack but somehow it does not seem to move forward! Here in lies the purpose of life! To win those challenging people through love!

If you can visualise the person do so and see what thoughts and words come up in your mind! What stories show up! What memories of this or perhaps some past life play! Like earlier watch and say to yourself:
I love you
Thank you
These phrases delete the blocks in you that keeps you from loving yourself!


Twitter : @mohansundaram73
Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

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