Meditation is not a doing thing!! It happens when you surrender all doing!



If your not sure how to watch the mind its very easy! Remember this breath and mind are connected!

simply relax and watch your breathing!Don’t alter it!
Any pattern is fine…slowly you will notice thoughts distract you
and take you somewhere, don’t get frustrated, know that you have gone somewhere and get back to watching your breath! with patience, compassion and practise you will be able to stay as an watcher and that is how you unplug from the illusion


At work, when your with your colleague, friend, client etc be mindful and when you see the mind flowing out with gentleness and compassion for yourself bring it back to watching breathing!

You will be pleasantly surprised that doing this won’t screw up your business or relationships. Since your doing what your actually meant to be doing you will be rewarded in ways you could have never imagined! Its beyond a logical mind which is memory driven to understand this!

Life is like a lab! You can experiment inspirational concepts and break free from the illusion!


Twitter : @mohansundaram73
Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

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