While you throw your daily house garbage don’t forget to clean up mental garbage!

Your Mindset Coach


If you watch your thoughts they won’t go out and become physical experiences.. Watching is like hitting the delete button for the computer called mind…

When you don’t delete thoughts they are recycled repeatedly till you wake up and realize your job is to delete them…

We all carry lots of garbage from our many past lives which we are here to delete..once you hit the delete button they don’t go out but lie in the recycle bin…

Without too much interaction with people if you’re willing to look inward you can burn the mental garbage memories in meditation…meditation is like the fire of truth that burns into ashes all false existences..leaving truth..that which is true can’t be burnt…
Letting go ( Meditation) burns mental garbage.



For all physical things they burn to ash..it is what all things are made of…even if some looked more beautiful than others…the ash is…

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