How much do you love to your Self?


A good number of people will have a long list of things they consider they need to improve on and very few would really feel good and whole as they are now!

The key to enlightenment is to love yourself wholly and unconditionally ( no buts, its etc) now and here! Recognising that we don’t love ourselves will open the doors of wisdom in you and you will remember of your own ” How could I have forgotten to love myself and gotten busy with this illusion of self improvement?” you can’t eat a cake and have it simultaneously! So too you can be a fan of “self improvement” and ” love yourself ” simultaneously! If you wish to love your self erase all notions of self improvement and bring your awareness intensely to the now in the way that your inclined to be it prayer or meditation or anything else!

The Self is already perfect! All you need to do is let go of identification with imperfection which your holding on to!

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