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The fundamental equation of breaking free from the illusion is to use the subject – object relationship & to intuite deeply who you are!
Once you have intuited it, That will set you free more and more!

That which your aware of is an object of perception and the subject has to be different for perception !
You are not the watch obviously! That is an object!
However without a subject can an object be perceived?
Obviously No!

So the goal is to find the subject using objects!

You are aware of :
Names & forms ( sounds & shapes)
So the subject has to be different from a sound or a shape!

Your aware of :
Smells, touch, feelings, thoughts so they are not you

Are you the mind?
What is the mind?
No thoughts no mind! So mind is thoughts!
Your aware of them! So you are not the mind!

No thoughts no world!
So your not the mind, your not of the world!

Are you intelligence?
On deep thought your aware of intelligence also! So your the witness of that also!

Am I the breath?
I am aware of breathing so I can’t be the one breathing!
Am I the the entity born or that which dies?
I can recall past lives and in those remember my birth and death so that means I never actually die or take birth! I am the witness of birth and death!

Am I the subject?
Your aware of a sense of witnessing also, so your beyond that also!

Your beyond any subject object duality!

You are the eternally pure unborn undying witness that can never be described


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Twitter : @mohansundaram73
Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

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