Are you happy in your comfort zone or want your love to expand to all alike?

Love Thy Enemy As Thy Self

To expand in love you must learn to slowly love those you hate! How do you do that?
Do you hug them? No!

Love is not physical! Love is awarenesses!
The only reason you hate someone is because they remind you something about you that you don’t like!
So, to love the person you hate you must love that part of you that you hate and the people you hate are god send! They are in your life to help you evolve!

How is that?
Since your not watching thoughts, and there are aspects of you that you don’t love , it has to be brought to your attention so that you can fix it now and have a smooth life! The people whom you hat trigger those memories for you and give you the opportunity to let go by doing so! They are a blessing!

Try this exercise! Take a pen and paper and sit down calmly and write down the name of a person you hate! Consciously think of him or her and as you do notice the feelings,sensations and memories and stories that play in your mind!

Note your observations! Give some words to your feelings, memories! How did it impact your breathing, note it and describe it!

Love is awareness! The more aware you become of what goes on in you when you interact or think of people you hate, you let go of the feeling of hate and love can heal it once the blocks are gone! Very soon you won’t hate the person anymore!

That’s how you love someone you hate through wisdom! This practise will also heal and prevent you from developing illness that come from severe hate!

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