Fighting ignorance is a delusion!


Ignorance is a thing that is conquered by intelligence not by war! Just like fighting with your shadow can be done only when you think its not a part of you, so too you fight Ignorance when you forget that you have chosen ignorance to experience desires!
Now when you want to set yourself free it is easy! Erase it with wisdom of who you are! No need for wars!

Today our world is filled with wars that inflict sorrows to all! Millions of wars have happened in the past and never has war helped in bringing peace yet we fail to learn the lesson! Such wars are a manifestation of the wars going on in our mind!

Peace is the solution to war! Thinking causes war! It breaks the peace of wholeness into pieces! To bring the pieces back into one piece you must use the glue of love and compassion and remember love is awareness!

Each of us have a responsibility to world peace beginning with peace with your self, then your families, then your community and so on! If your not able to maintain peace, calm and compassion you will be sucked into war!

Always make your peace so strong that it calms people around you! Never allow the anxiety and rush of other to suck you in! Your peace must suck them in!

Our leaders lack peace! They are filled with aggression and reactions and are drawn into military conflicts!
A city peaceful because commandos float around is not a sign of peace! Its a volcano going to erupt!
A peaceful community is one who is at peace without policing of any kind! Love has to be the driver and such love comes through self understanding ( Who am I?”

Mohan Sundaram
Mobile: +91 8790171132
Twitter : @mohansundaram73
Skype: mohan.sundaram.73

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